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New drone pilots can have a lot of fun with the hobby, but without using a safety-first mentality and knowing the local regulations there can be serious consequences.

10 Things New Drone Pilots Should Never, Ever Do

We’ve all seen the drone fail videos that are so popular on YouTube, and undoubtedly laughed at the misfortune (and/or foolishness) of those hapless pilots. Invariably, watching those videos prompts the question “What were they thinking?!” Well, chances are they didn’t expect to crash their new drone,  but they were surely missing a very valuable […]

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Riot 250R Pro V2.00_01_53_14.Still006

Starting a Riot in Drone Racing with Thrust UAV and the 250R Pro

Technology will redefine the future of sports as we know them. It’s not a prophecy derived from stargazing or a fanatical tech geek’s ranting, we have seen the beginnings of this journey play out before us already. Professional gaming leagues and the massive growth of fans has spawned an eSports community with mainstream legitimacy and big […]

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