Halloween Costumes 2016: Movie Edition

Once a year folks get to dress up as whatever they want, and Newegg is here to offer the very best Halloween costumes money can buy. Movie-based costumes are always popular, and you can buy outfits that range from just-for-fun low-price offerings to top-tier, cosplay-quality, contest-winning gear. This list focuses on these higher-end options, and […]

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Halloween Costumes 2016: DIY Edition

DIY (or “Doing It Yourself”) worries some people, as it usually means work than just buying something pre-made or pre-assembled. But Newegg has long been the place for shoppers happy to craft something with their own two hands, so we’re here to help you have the ultimate DIY Halloween experience, complete with a one-of-a-kind costume […]

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Halloween Costumes 2016: Superhero Edition

With Halloween approaching quickly, we’re now in one of the best times of the year: Costume shopping! Newegg is famous for selling computer hardware, but did you know we have costumes as well? We offer a huge selection of costumes at different price points, so we probably have what you are looking for. In this article we’ll […]

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Agilis GPS Tracker: The smart sensor that improves driving

With electronic monitoring technology becoming a staple in auto production today, it’s hard to find a car without some sort of safety sensor advertised: blind spot detection, close proximity awareness, lane departure, even eye movement tracking. In fact, vehicles produced today have between 60-100 sensors on board. Granted more than a few of these are […]

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Product Spotlight: Rosewill SP-7260 Speaker System

Sick of the neighbor’s lawnmower ruining your Outlast immersion, but can’t stand to have a headset weighing you down? Consider upgrading your desktop with Rosewill’s new SP-7260 speaker set. Finding the right set of PC speakers can be a delicate triangulation between budget, desk space, and your personal level of audiophilia. Having owned everything from […]

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