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Halloween Inspiration: 2017’s Best Cosplay

Cosplay is the most awesome expression of fandom that exists, giving die-hard sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans the ultimate outlet for their passion. Few other experiences give enthusiasts the opportunity to leave the regular lives they lead behind (if only for a brief period), assume the roles of their favorite characters from video games, movies, […]

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NAS Drives and You: How the Toshiba N300 offers fast and reliable storage for home and office

This article is brought to you by Toshiba’s N300 NAS drive, available now on Newegg.  Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives are quickly becoming a necessary part of any home network, especially for people spread out along multiple devices that like to work or relax in a variety of settings, but who still need to access large […]

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Orico Technologies: The Household Name in Storage Peripherals

Back before Instagram and Pinterest became household names, Orico Technologies was one of the leading manufacturers in Asia for computer peripherals and accessories. Founded in 2009, they’ve devoted their efforts to bringing the latest technologies that connect our digital lives through intelligently and intuitively designed products – whether it’s for the home DIYer or B2B […]

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The nuts and bolts of surveillance drives

This article is brought to you by Seagate’s SkyHawk Surveillance Drives, available now on Newegg. Whatever your data storage needs these days, there’s a hard drive specifically engineered for you. Surveillance drives such as Seagate’s SkyHawk are a subset of hard drives built to process large volumes of data from high definition cameras as accurately as possible while […]

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