New drone pilots can have a lot of fun with the hobby, but without using a safety-first mentality and knowing the local regulations there can be serious consequences.

10 Things New Drone Pilots Should Never, Ever Do

We’ve all seen the drone fail videos that are so popular on YouTube, and undoubtedly laughed at the misfortune (and/or foolishness) of those hapless pilots. Invariably, watching those videos prompts the question “What were they thinking?!” Well, chances are they didn’t expect to crash their new drone,  but they were surely missing a very valuable […]

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Ockel Sirius B (1 of 1)

Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry Mini PC

We see a lot of PCs around here at Newegg. Large, small, and everything in between. But we’ve never seen anything quite like this. The Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry Mini PC isn’t just small, it’s downright tiny. It’s substantially smaller than even the smallest laptop or tablet, and easily fits in the average pocket. […]

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Halloween Inspiration: 2017’s Best Cosplay

Cosplay is the most awesome expression of fandom that exists, giving die-hard sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans the ultimate outlet for their passion. Few other experiences give enthusiasts the opportunity to leave the regular lives they lead behind (if only for a brief period), assume the roles of their favorite characters from video games, movies, […]

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