Newegg Wins 2013 Gaming Retailer of the Year Award

New Age Electronics, a leading distributor of gaming products and services, has just awarded Newegg with the 2013 Gaming Retailer of the Year award. Fred Towns, President of New Age Electronics, had this to say about the award: “We are very excited to recognize Newegg with New Age Electronics’ first annual Gaming Retailer of the […]

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HTC Introduces Customer Advantage Program

Starting today, consumers in the United States who purchase a new HTC One, HTC One Max, or HTC One Mini will be automatically enrolled in HTC’s Customer Advantage program. This new initiative will provide many great features for free that often requires a carrier’s insurance plan or a third-party service. HTC is the first smartphone […]

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Can Android Save Windows Mobile?

Nokia will be unveiling its first smartphone featuring the Android operating system later this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is a giant leap forward for the struggling cell phone manufacturer that was recently purchased by Microsoft. This is also an important milestone for Microsoft who is rumored to soon be allowing […]

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Newegg iPhone App Now Designed for iOS 7

Version 4.0.0 of the Newegg iPhone app has launched and is now available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store. This new redesigned version is completely optimized for iOS 7 and provides a more intuitive experience for iPhone users. If you enjoy shopping on our desktop site, you’ll be able to use the same […]

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World’s First Fish-Mobile is Powered by Arduino

Ever since people have been keeping fish as pets they have been mostly confined to swimming around in circles inside a bowl. But thanks to Studio Diip, our aquatic friends can now roam about dry land and not be confined to the limits of their tank. By using computer vision software, Fish on Wheels is […]

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It’s Game Over for Flappy Bird

If you’ve been playing Flappy Bird as much as us here at Newegg HQ, you were probably surprised when Dong Nguyen — the creator of the extremely difficult and overtly simple game — sent out some confusing tweets. I am sorry ‘Flappy Bird’ users, 22 hours from now, I will take ‘Flappy Bird’ down. I cannot […]

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