Enter Newegg’s Titanfall Sweepstakes and Win Great Prizes

Titanfall  has been one of the most anticipated video games since Respawn Entertainment first revealed it at The Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2013. The game won over 60 awards at E3 including a record-breaking six “Game Critics’ Awards” along with “Best of Show” from various media outlets. Reviewers from all around the globe are declaring Titanfall […]

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Aorus Launch Event at the Newegg Hybrid Center

On February 27, Newegg celebrated the launch of the AORUS 17.3” SLI Gaming Laptop X7 at the Los Angeles-based Newegg Hybrid Center. In the competitive market of mobile gaming, the X7 distinguishes itself as being the “thinnest, lightest” high-performance laptop on the market. It will also be sold exclusively through Newegg.com. To mark the occasion, […]

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Will the next Wolf of Wall Street be a Bitcoin Miner?

If you follow the basic investing principle of buying low and selling high, now may be the perfect time to invest in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency hasn’t been this cheap since November 2013 and with investors panicking all over the world, one could potentially take advantage of a volatile marketplace. With the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange […]

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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S5, The Next Big Thing is Almost Here

After months of speculation, Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy S5 and put all the rumors to rest. The new flagship phone is bigger, faster and more powerful than the S4, but the Twittersphere is calling the S5 design “boring”. Like most things in life, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The Galaxy S5 […]

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Sunny Side Up

Converting your home or small business to be completely solar powered may not be feasible for most people. While the costs have been reportedly going down in recent years, enhanced by various state tax credits, affordable financing options, and the rise in popularity, the conversion process and the long-term commitment often keeps sun power out […]

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Newegg Hosts Launch of AORUS X7 Gaming Laptop and Divekick Tournament

Newegg will host a special public event at our Los Angeles-based Hybrid Center location on Feb. 27, between 6-9 p.m. PST to unveil the AORUS 17.3” SLI Gaming Laptop X7. Billed as the “thinnest, lightest” high-performance laptop available, the AORUS laptop will be sold exclusively by Newegg from Feb. 27. During the Newegg Hybrid Center event, […]

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Newegg Wins 2013 Gaming Retailer of the Year Award

New Age Electronics, a leading distributor of gaming products and services, has just awarded Newegg with the 2013 Gaming Retailer of the Year award. Fred Towns, President of New Age Electronics, had this to say about the award: “We are very excited to recognize Newegg with New Age Electronics’ first annual Gaming Retailer of the […]

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GoogleLaunches Second Equity Fund

In recent years, Google has been investing heavily in unknown startup companies hoping they become successful – and most of them have been. But now, the world’s favorite search engine has decided to shift their attention on companies that are already on the ground running but need a little help. With today’s official launch of […]

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HTC Introduces Customer Advantage Program

Starting today, consumers in the United States who purchase a new HTC One, HTC One Max, or HTC One Mini will be automatically enrolled in HTC’s Customer Advantage program. This new initiative will provide many great features for free that often requires a carrier’s insurance plan or a third-party service. HTC is the first smartphone […]

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One More for the Good Guys: Newegg Awarded Bill of Costs from Patent Troll Lawsuit

A recent Supreme Court decision involving a patent troll’s claim that Newegg infringed on their ownership of a shopping cart logo just got even better. Not only do we not have to pay off the troll, but the court has granted our bill of costs in the full amount requested of $60,507.32. This is a […]

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