The Five Best Phones of 2013

The year 2013 was arguably one of the best ever for smartphones. Consumers had a lot of devices to choose from and it seemed like there was a different type of phone for different types of people. With so many phones available,  how do you know which one is right for you? The answer is […]

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Santa Shops at Newegg and So Should You

Christmas is right around the corner and if you haven’t finished checking off your list there is still plenty of time to shop on and have your order delivered before December 25. Don’t believe me? It’s true! Just take a look at this commercial featuring Santa Claus and some very familiar-looking elves. If Santa […]

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Building A Home Gym

Exercise is an important part of our lives that often gets neglected. Unfortunately, many people can’t afford gym memberships or have the time to exercise. However, for a small investment you can not only set up your own home gym, but you’ll be able to work out at your own convenience and save thousands of […]

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Nokia Unveils Its First Tablet

It’s no secret that Nokia is struggling to stay relevant in the mobile arena. The once-powerful tech giant refused to abandon its Symbian platform and is paying greatly for that mistake. The vast majority of smartphone and tablet consumers are now either using iOS or Android devices while the Windows Mobile OS that is present […]

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Is Steam the Next Big Thing?

It’s an exciting time for home entertainment tech, and all eyes are on Valve and their latest series of Steam announcements. Valve is making some huge steps, and you’re going to want to keep up with this one. What’s going on? In a move to bring computer gamers to the living room, Valve has released […]

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Curved Mobile Displays: Should We Care?

The mobile arena is fierce, and smartphone manufacturers are constantly trying to innovate and bring the next “hot feature” to mobile tech enthusiasts. And while we have seen great strides in new functionality, from the rebirth of the stylus to hyper-resolution camera shots, form hasn’t changed much except screen size, but now at least two […]

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Warm Beverage Makers and Ideas For Fall

Even here in Southern California, it’s starting to get a bit chilly outside. That makes it the perfect time to enjoy some hot beverages! Sure, you’re used to shopping for computer items here at But did you know we also have a complete Small Kitchen Appliances store? You can get everything you need for […]

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Newegg Unplugged

Immediately after reading the October 4 blog post by René on prepping for the imminent Zombie Apocalypse, I started to mentally locate where I’d left some of the essential safety items that I already own as well as create a tentative shopping list. However, sometime later, I started to reflect on zombies in general – […]

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Making the Most of iOS 7 with an iPhone 4

As a longtime Apple fan and iPhone user, I was very excited when iOS 7 was announced last month. The new design looked beautiful and features like iTunes Radio and Control Center were much needed. The fact that I had an iPhone 4 and couldn’t use certain applications like Siri or AirDrop didn’t bother me […]

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3 Ways to Tech-Up Your Halloween

Stretched cotton webs, goofy Jack-o-lanterns, plastic tombstones. Sound familiar? These have been staple Halloween decorations for years. While there is nothing bad about these decorations, sometimes it’s fun to do a little more. This year, we have some ideas to help you tech-up your Halloween!   1: Use Outdoor Speakers to Help Build the Ambiance […]

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