Google Reportedly Acquiring Twitch

Several sources today are reporting that Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform for video games, will be purchased by Google for $1 billion USD. While the Wall Street Journal is downplaying the situation, other news outlets like USA Today are describing the all-cash offer as “imminent.” If true, a YouTube-Twitch merger would help Google dominate the […]

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The Net Neutrality Debate Will Determine the Future of the Internet, What are You Going to do About it?

  If you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent weeks, you’ve probably heard the term “net neutrality” thrown around quite a bit. And, depending on who’s talking about it, their definitions are usually contradicting and confusing. This blog post aims to simplify what’s going on with the subject, what the FCC’s recent ruling […]

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littleBits Just Made Programming a lot More Fun

littleBits is an open source library of modular electronics that snap together  with magnets. By connecting tiny pre-assembled circuit boards, users are able to create sophisticated projects without having to know anything about electronics or programming. Often compared to a fancy version of Legos, littleBits has been used by interactive artists, engineers, and anyone who […]

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Parrot Unveils New Drone and Controller, Both Oculus-Compatible

The company behind Newegg’s best-selling drone has just unveiled a brand new model that is ultra-lightweight, has embedded GPS with flight map control, and fully supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Coined “Bebop”, Parrot’s new drone also features an impressive 14MP HD camera with a fisheye lens and built-in image stabilization. The Bebop won’t […]

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Tom Wheeler and FCC to Decide Thursday on “Net Neutrality” Policies

The FCC has been going back and forth recently due to pressures from all sides regarding its Internet service regulations. The threat has been whether or not Internet Service Providers can allow high-paying companies “paid prioritization” – more efficient web trafficking at a cost that only very large corporations can afford. What does this mean […]

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Recap: GIGABYTE’S 9-Series Motherboard Launch at Newegg’s Hybrid Center

  Yesterday, GIGABYTE teamed up with Newegg to officially launch their new Z97 motherboards at our City of Industry Hybrid Center. Newegg customers not only got to see the boards up close, but they also got to meet pro gamer Kat Gunn, were treated to live overclocking demonstrations by sin0822, and entered raffles to win […]

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Google Holds One-Day Glass Sale at Golf Tournament, Still No Word on Official Launch

Since its announcement, Google Glass has been one of the most sought-after pieces of technology in recent history. The voice-activated wearable computer has been touted by many tech enthusiasts as being the next step into a future where man and machine are melded as one. Although met with harsh criticisms over privacy concerns, thousands of […]

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Regenerating Plastic: Is This the Future?

Until now, regenerative material has been a thing of futuristic sci-fi movies. Previous applications of the concept were only successful in repairing small, microscopic cracks. According to an article released in Science Magazine, researchers at the University of Illinois have taken this concept to the next level by developing a self-restoring plastic material that is […]

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Meet Michael Essa, Newegg Automotive’s Formula DRIFT Champion

When Michael Essa was 16 years old, he entered his first autocross race and set the fastest time of the day. Since then, much of his life has been dedicated to studying drivers on and off the track while learning as much as he can about mechanics. The end result was him founding two motorsport […]

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Newegg has Partnered up with GIGABYTE to Launch the Intel 9-Series Motherboard

*UPDATE: Melonie Mac is no longer participating in this event. Pro gamer Kat Gunn will be there in her place. Motherboards equipped with Intel’s 9-series chipset won’t be released until May 11, but Newegg is the only U.S. retailer that is shipping select Z97 and H97 motherboards and is taking pre-orders on several more models. Intel […]

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