Paper Wallets Aim to Make Bitcoin More Accessible to the Masses

Will carrying Bitcoin in our pockets make it easier for people to adopt the cryptocurrency? Bitcoin ATM’s are a relatively new innovation that makes buying, selling and transferring the cryptocurrency between users easier than ever. With machines sprouting all over some of the busiest cities in the world (most recently the Las Vegas Strip) and […]

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Robot Helpers Aren’t Just for Those in Need

Robots have the potential to make all of our lives a lot better. Not only can robotic technology extend our physical and mental capabilities, it also allows us to perform tasks we otherwise wouldn’t be capable of. This is especially true if we have a disability that limits the way our body and brain can […]

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The Oculus Rift Consumer Version is Almost Here and It Has Its Sights Set on Hollywood

Is this how we will watch movies in the future? When Palmer Luckey invented the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in 2012, his intention was to create a head-mounted display that allowed users to immerse themselves into their video games. This new technology appealed immensely to gamers and Oculus VR was able to fundraise over […]

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Calling All Builders: Newegg’s First Ever ‘Install THIS! Build Challenge’ Taking Place This Week at the City of Industry Hybrid Center

Most online retailers don’t have a will call center that allows customers to pick up their purchases whenever it’s most convenient for them – but Newegg does. Instead of waiting around for the mailman, many of our savvy shoppers choose to make the trip to one of our three will call locations because it saves […]

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The U.S.A. Loves Smartphones, But Only If They’re Expensive

Nearly 60% of American adults own a smartphone and it’s estimated that 220 million people will be embracing the technology within the next four years. And while there are many manufacturers to choose from when purchasing a smartphone, Americans have made it clear which brand they prefer: Apple. When comScore presented their U.S. smartphone subscriber […]

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The “Google Glass for Cars” Will Make You Feel Like You’re Driving in the Future

Smartphones were never intended to be used while driving, yet 55% of people admit they do just that — and I don’t blame them. Smartphones are more than just phones, they are also our personal assistant, media player, digital camera, GPS navigation unit, e-book reader, web browser, and the main communication device we use to […]

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Virtual Currency is “Real” Money, at Least According to the IRS

Virtual currency is being used as legal tender all over the world, but many people still don’t consider it to be “real” money. Earlier this year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued a notice that declared “virtual currency is treated as property for U.S. federal tax purposes.” This declaration not only means that general tax […]

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Enter Newegg’s Back-to-School Sweepstakes and Win a $10,000 Gift Card

If you’re gearing up for school, I hope you’re taking advantage of Newegg’s #BeEquipped sale. Not only do we have everything you need to ace your classes discounted up to 78% off, but we’re also offering an extra 10% off if you pay with Bitcoin. When you combine these great deals with Newegg Premier and […]

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How Will Self-Driving Cars Shape Our Future?

Self-driving vehicles will eventually be a part of our everyday commute. In the year 1300, Pope Boniface VIII invented what we now refer to as “traffic control” when he declared that people should travel on the left-hand side of the road. His reasoning was simple: you needed your right arm free to wield your sword […]

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Cryptocurrency Goes Mainstream: Las Vegas Installs Bitcoin ATM on The Strip

Sin City, USA: Now Accepting Bitcoin What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless what happens is winning money. In which case, you can now convert your cash into Bitcoin. The Las Vegas Strip, a 4.2 mile stretch of road known for its luxurious hotels and swanky casinos, has just installed its first Bitcoin automated […]

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