How the Maker Faire Restored My Faith in Humanity

What happened to the happy-go-lucky, carefree, everything-is-awesome kid I used to be? It’s hard to pinpoint specific experiences — I think it comes down to life. Life happened. I went to college, grew up, moved on to see what the world was actually like, and decided that it’s not what I’d expected. It’s only natural […]

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Simple is the New Smart According to the LG G3

Last year, LG introduced two smartphones that were met with great reviews. While the Nexus 5 and G2 were huge successes for the South Korean manufacturer, they felt they could create a new phone that not only combined the best aspects of both, but actually improved upon those features. Developed under a new mantra of […]

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An Apple iHome Coming Soon?

Imagine it – you’re talking to your significant other on your iPhone – with your Bluetooth, of course – as you drive up to your house. You fumble with your garage door opener, then stumble into your house, reach for the light switch, turn off your alarm, turn the AC or heat on, open windows, […]

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Google Unveils the Future of Transportation and it Doesn’t Need Your Help

Driving is a dangerous activity. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 1.2 million people are killed in road crashes each year and as many as 50 million are injured. These numbers are also expected to rise about 65% over the next 20 years and because road traffic is an often neglected concern, not […]

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Tesla-Inspired Skateboard Aims to Change the Way We Commute

The exact date of the skateboard’s invention is not certain, but it was probably conceived sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s. The idea was originally developed by surfers in California who – out of sheer boredom – wanted something to surf on when they weren’t in the water. These early skateboard designs were […]

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Lee Cheng Holds Reddit AMA, Explains How He Fights Patent Trolls

Newegg has spent the last several years fighting against patent trolls, and our Chief Legal Officer, Lee Cheng, has been at the helm of every courtroom battle. Thanks to his efforts, Newegg has been successful against these entities that think it’s OK to sue us for no good reason. Lee doesn’t believe in settling at […]

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When Will Patent Trolls Learn Not to Mess with Newegg?

It’s no secret that Newegg is adamantly against patent trolls and everything they stand for. Not only are we not shy in proclaiming this to the world, we even sell t-shirts that show our disgust for these “companies” that think it’s OK to extort legitimate businesses. You would think that patent trolls would take the […]

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How Lockheed Martin is Using 3D Printing to Save Money

Lockheed Martin is an aerospace and defense company that is also the Pentagon’s biggest supplier of weapons and satellites. Last year, the company earned over $45 billion USD with about 75 percent of that money coming from the United States government. Obviously, this government contract is crucial to the company’s success so it shouldn’t come […]

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Microsoft Announces Surface Pro 3, Hopes it Can Replace Your Laptop

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft sent out invitations for a “small gathering” in New York City. The tech community across the Internet immediately began spreading rumors of a “Surface Mini” but it turns out they were completely wrong. Instead, Microsoft announced an even bigger Surface with upgraded specs, better resolution, and a smaller price […]

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Google Reportedly Acquiring Twitch

Several sources today are reporting that Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform for video games, will be purchased by Google for $1 billion USD. While the Wall Street Journal is downplaying the situation, other news outlets like USA Today are describing the all-cash offer as “imminent.” If true, a YouTube-Twitch merger would help Google dominate the […]

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