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Hate Earthquakes? Want an Early Warning System? Use Your Smartphone

There’s an app for that, too? There will be! Smartphones will soon provide another lifesaving service – an app for those in earthquake-prone areas of the world that alerts users of seismic activity up to 30 seconds before they feel it. That’s really good news for us here in Southern California, where journalist Allison Barrie […]

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Ultimate Gaming High: NeweggTV, ASUS, and Friends to Set World Record for Highest Altitude LAN Party

Gamers and LAN party fanatics, get ready to be inspired! On June 23rd, a spirited-group of folks from ASUS Laptops, NeweggTV, Linus Tech Tips, and Tek Syndicate, all teamed up to climb the highest peak in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for a LAN party like no other. Expert witness Elizabeth Thompson, a PhD student in Atmospheric […]

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Tesla Motors, Inc. – Foolhardy Philanthropists or Inspirational Innovators?

In the spirit of moving not just their company forward, but the world as we know it, Tesla Motors, Inc., creators of some of the most advanced electric automobiles, decided to share their EV technology with… everybody!  What’s more, they’ve been in talks with BMW and other carmakers to share charging stations in Europe and […]

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Regenerating Plastic: Is This the Future?

Until now, regenerative material has been a thing of futuristic sci-fi movies. Previous applications of the concept were only successful in repairing small, microscopic cracks. According to an article released in Science Magazine, researchers at the University of Illinois have taken this concept to the next level by developing a self-restoring plastic material that is […]

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Sunny Side Up

Converting your home or small business to be completely solar powered may not be feasible for most people. While the costs have been reportedly going down in recent years, enhanced by various state tax credits, affordable financing options, and the rise in popularity, the conversion process and the long-term commitment often keeps sun power out […]

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