Awesome Costumes and Accessories for Halloween

Not sure what you want to be for Halloween? Is your child ashamed of the homemade Halloween costumes you send them to the school party in? Are you looking for that special outfit that says, “Hey, I know I seem inhibited for most of the year, but for one day, I’m cutting loose and it’s Sexy Nun all night long!”? Whatever your Halloween needs are, Newegg has you covered!

You were a kid once, so you must remember all of those costumes your parents made for you. Unless you had a parent who was a seamstress or worked in wardrobe at a movie studio, chances are those early costumes were terrible. Don’t let your child suffer the way you had to! Check out Newegg’s assortment of child costumes, ranging from generic ideas, like princesses, ninjas and vampires, to famous costumes, including Star Wars characters, comic book heroes and historical figures.

And now that you’re an adult with your own income, you too can’t be seen out in public with just any ol’ costume. Exorcise those childhood demons of being forced to wear a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost by getting something awesome this year! Men, be Superman even if you don’t have the body for it! Be Jack Sparrow even if you lack the charm! Be Batman, because it’s fun doing Christian Bale’s raspy voice! Women aren’t left out of the fun either. Be Amber from the immensely popular and box office hit Sucker Punch! Be Catwoman! Or just wear this thing!

For those of you with very young children, it’s never too early to start developing their sweet tooths (sweet teeth?). Dress your toddlers and infants in baby costumes as adorable bees, fruit, superheroes and more. On second thought, feeding sweets to newborns is probably not a good idea, but having a baby in your arms as you trick-or-treat is a sure way to net more candy for yourself!

hot-dog-dogYour pets shouldn’t be left out of the fun. That’s why Newegg carries an assortment of pet costumes that your animals will love to wear. Just look at the happy faces on these animals! You can dress your pets as other creatures, like sharks and turtles. If you’re dressed in a sexy outfit, why shouldn’t your dog be just as sexy with this Lady is a Tramp pet costume? And then there’s always this Scooby Doo pet costume if you feel like putting your dog inside a dog. Yo dawg!

Whatever your choice is this Halloween, just make sure that what you wear is appropriate for the environment you’ll be in. This sexy, vinyl bondage nurse outfit might be great for (my) home, but you probably don’t want to wear it to the office Halloween party lest you develop a reputation. For those of you who would like to be fired immediately, you can always show up dressed as a giant middle finger or this thing.

For all of your Halloween costume needs, check out Newegg’s Costume Selection.

What will you be this year?



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