3 Ways to Tech-Up Your Halloween

Stretched cotton webs, goofy Jack-o-lanterns, plastic tombstones. Sound familiar? These have been staple Halloween decorations for years. While there is nothing bad about these decorations, sometimes it’s fun to do a little more. This year, we have some ideas to help you tech-up your Halloween!


1: Use Outdoor Speakers to Help Build the Ambiance

Think back to any scary movie or game you’ve seen or played. What aspect of the experience scared you the most? Whether it’s Cabin in the Woods or Dead Island: Riptide, I’ve found that what scares me the most aren’t the monsters or killers themselves, but the suspense and anticipation that precedes the scare. One of the most effective of these suspense-builders is sound. Each suspicious noise or distant scream chips away at my courage, until I jump in my seat and cover my eyes at every slight rustle of leaves. It’s actually pretty tiring!

This year, do the same to the trick-or-treaters. With some speakers and a little strategic planning, your guests will soon find themselves covered in cold sweat with chills running down their spines. There are tons of tracks and sounds available online for you to loop. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, create your own with SONY Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.

Need a set of speakers? You can use inconspicuous outdoor speakers or some hidden wireless speakers to seal the deal. What if you want to use your current set? While it’s not recommended to setup indoor speakers outside, make sure you take necessary precautions if you should choose to do so.

Finally, the best part about setting up speakers outside is that it will work nicely in conjunction with the next idea.


2: Spook Your Neighbors with Projected Animations

While a good set of well-placed speakers can go a long way in spooking your guests, it’ll seem out of place if you don’t support it with some visuals. One excellent idea is to project animations on your windows. There are a wide variety of downloadable animations ranging from axe killer silhouettes to eerie house interiors (which can actually look pretty realistic). Find the animation that’s right for you.

The concept is to project an animation onto a shower curtain or other such material that is draped over the window from the inside. If done correctly, these projected animations will give your place an excellent haunted house effect. Add some hidden speakers outside and you have the perfect way of creeping out your neighbors!

If you’re looking to buy a new projector, make sure you read our excellent and in-depth Projector Buying Guide. There, you’ll find everything from brightness considerations to instructions on how to clean the projector’s lens.


3: Use Your Smartphone to Enhance Your Costume

Before you open shop, you’re going to want to look the part, which means finding the right costume.  Costumes are a major consideration when Halloween rolls around. It’s hard to decide which costume is best, and often times a lack of effort in costume preparation really shows. Here’s how to take that extra step to make sure your costume doesn’t fail to impress.

With your smartphone, you can download an app in the appropriate Android or iOS app store that will give you a simple answer to your costume woes. For example, take the Digital Dudz app. This app will play a video of a beating heart, glaring eye, or a variety of other objects, to enhance your costume. All you need to do is cut a hole in your shirt (obviously not your favorite one) and secure your smartphone on the inside of the shirt, and you’ll instantly have an open, beating heart as part of your costume to one-up everyone else with.

For those of you without a smartphone, Newegg’s got your back. While not the most compelling reason to cross over into smartphone territory, it can’t hurt to add another “pro” to the list! Our selection includes the all-new Motorola Moto X or the much-anticipated iPhone 5C. We also sell the Galaxy Note 3 and the iPhone 5S, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee that they’ll arrive by the 31st.

Hopefully you’ve found enough here to step up your Halloween game. Have any more ideas? What will you do to tech-up for Halloween?

If all else fails, just get this:


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